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The skills gained playing Stud

Chow Yun Fat in the movie where the great shots we gained powerful aftertaste, Look midstream Stud The status quo. Gaoshourulin turns. Hardcore players a catch is a lot. Hundreds of thousands innings or more players is not uncommon.

Stud master more, playing also some wonderful, Stud expert performance in what place?

Bluff is a very important point. Stolen without a trace, stealing seamless, experts will certainly slip, but it is hard to detect. Even when you caught a few times, he would not feel at a disadvantage, because it gave You have created a very impulsive him very fierce impression, the next time he has a license shuttle you, your chances with a big more.

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In Stud chief gunner's famous Inside "slip and grab a chicken utility value calculation" inside, there is a point of view: that pays proper gained, too, caught the chicken is also a cost-effective Oh, stealing also cost-effective, grasping too. cost-effective, do not know who will suffer. Probably those who are neither honest nor caught stealing it. Where are the honest people suffer, it is probably all to the truth.

In fact, I am in favor Stud chief gunman ideas. Of course, this requires a certain level by poking no sense of chaos to steal, it is to defeat the.

Last in the East China Sea to play a game of cards. Fourth time, I was 98JA, spades A, the opponent is * 9AJ, Desktop pressed four thousand, I add three thousand, ten thousand other anti add, from his play I judge he is casual card, he re-raise ten thousand, is to create the illusion that he has a pair. I consider the next, followed. He came J, I came 8, he calls, I re-raise twenty thousand. Because relatively stable performance in front of me, he covered. I use a pair of 8, he successfully stole a pair of J.

Fourth, he re-raise, he steals, and the fifth time, I re-raise, he was an anti-steal. Really strike me again you party stole steal, gained success laughingly.

Recently in the East China Sea to play for some time, really want to marvel, the advent of a new era Stud, this is a slip of the times, trying to slip pattern can be described as endless, the more that can not be stolen cards, brave opened, perhaps they It is caught chicken.

Of course, in this "Ten shuttle only nine stolen, there is a bandit," stealing gold era, if you sit back and wait or to maintain the past practice, it will be very depressed, it will gradually be eroded died of.

A Stud expert, a good card to make your totally useless, maybe your luck is better than he would have been a little bit, but his wisdom and courage a little higher than you.

It was a slip of the era, and the reality of the Road Stud, psychological warfare, have been interpreted to the extreme. Fight the wisdom and courage to fight the mind calm and "a consonance means", no matter what weapon stabbed, Even the sky swords, he really recognize where the knife, and will use two fingers to easily grip the other side of the weapon.

Gained in this era, if you practice not Lu Xiaofeng of "consonance one finger," then you must be in regular practice his other trick - "Fengwujiutian", ha ha.

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