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Stud skills Yin Act

for real Stud Winner, do not use negative people rarely play is, after all, no luck victorious generals, overcast and very wonderful people skills, different cards have different negative people skills, several commonly used me to tell you about.

First, when the licensing of the negative people from the big law

As the beginning of A, you can not bid, but a bid, most opponents will lose a license, after all, who wants to be with you for a possible A hard, if someone with the cards, you told, but can not be called big in the end, so that on the home called, judgment on big cards than when they Stud, on the home machine may mistakenly think you stole, maybe it will tell you.

Second, the first three of 23 female Act

If you get three, big bets, with the possibility of 10% of the home, if you adopt a timid approach, the next 10,000, you 1 kilo, with the possibility of home plate is 90% the fourth time is the key, and if the other party to increase, you than he, the probability of winning this method was 80%.

Third, Junko overcast Act

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Most of the family see you along the surface, when you Stud, usually lost card, a 90% probability of lost card. Then you make the best bet for the home, on the home will take tentative action follows 10000 or 20,000, so that you are afraid to feel at home, there is little possibility of straight, he will be with you Stud, Stud possibility of 40%, than to lose a good home.

Fourth, the casual card overcast Act

Such a method and playing computer games can be regarded as a concept, the third or fourth time you just play A or K, as long as the ratio of home plate is large, you can to the maximum, so that on the home mistakenly believe you is a right, right the possibility of lost cards at home was 80%, if the home with the words, that he might have a little right, then, you will race. If you get a license for the home, that you have failed, this play Your points must be higher than on the home, or very dangerous, since this to lose, you still have the opportunity to continue the contest, this negative people play cards on the home win probability to get 15 percent of the homes lost card, you win The probability of 85%.

Yin means there are many kinds, such as gourds, four, with flowers ... and so many ways, but these are not common, the above method is outlined in most cases, of course there will be, you A right, two others to fight right, You three, others straight fight, you straight, such as spell gourd, etc. In short you must make the appropriate countermeasures according to the situation of course.

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