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Betting News and Information - Article List - Page 9

Famous British network sports betting company Betfair (Bo Betfair)Betting exchanges birthTraditional sports betting company acts as a "market maker" role, their profit model is to rely on complex calculations to create all kinds of odds for …… [Read more]

Turnip greens all have love, all types of hand travel industry in 2013 games have gained rapid development, which is more casual puzzle game loved by the players, social Gaming Has become a shine. 2014 of these games will keep rapid growth, it is exp …… [Read more]

In the just-concluded 2014 Snooker Welsh Open final rocket O'Sullivan in the deciding game with a perfect win over Ding Junhui 147, again creating a myth.The final score of the game was 3: 9, Ding Junhui poor performance, mental qualities and exp …… [Read more]

2014 Snooker Welsh Open final, Ding Junhui and Ronnie O'Sullivan reach the final, which is two in Northern Ireland following the 2006 Cup, meet again in the final major tournaments. But even though this season has been harvested four crown, but b …… [Read more]

For gambling, South Korea developed a very strict legal regulations, but the South Korean government is concerned Online Betting It is a very difficult problem to solve. Law enacted regulations currently sufficient to resolve all the gambling phenome …… [Read more]

According to reports, the European Union has announced that in order to completely eliminate the phenomenon of money laundering, Europe Gaming company Will be subject to more stringent restrictions. For this reason, the economy, justice and interior …… [Read more]

Interview with Bloomberg Industry Research, Asia Pacific director Tim CraigheadRecently,Gaming Has become a hot topic in the capital market, the industry is also in 2013 won the good growth. However, this year will be built in Macau for the first tim …… [Read more]

In the face of increasing globalization betting unstoppable objective reality, whether related to Southeast Asian countries set up Casino The policy continues to face challenges, and loosening continue to occur. And this "bet field" up the …… [Read more]

Some foreign media recently reported that Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho will spend 30 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 3.9 billion US dollars), to build its in Macau Cotai area's first resort. According to SJM hired architectural design firm WAT …… [Read more]

Australia CHICAGO Online reports, the Australian betting industry is attracting more and more investment into China's president Aquis Group Hong Kong billionaire Tony FUNG (Justin Fung) for Cairns Casino Acquisitions worth 269 million Australian …… [Read more]

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