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Betting News and Information - Article List - Page 6

During the meeting members of the Nevada Gaming on Thursday, regulators finally approved the final game, it is the state's first licensed online poker site - the ultimate poker the same series of the Commission at the hearing to listen to the ult …… [Read more]

Steven Jacobs Las Vegas Sands company's problems have never been solved. Now, the former CEO of Sands China further, sue the former owner in 2010 is concealing evidence, suspended the wrongful dismissal lawsuit, this thing may also involve to cas …… [Read more]

US casino operator Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) in the 2013 second-quarter profit more than doubled, thanks to continued strength in its Asian operations to make up for the relative weakness in the US domestic market. Profit $ 529.8 million, far highe …… [Read more]

After receiving notice that SHFL Entertainment Macau Court of First Instance declared innocent, launched a few days fast Baccarat products do not violate copyright infringement laws, LT Game Ltd. after the company learned that the resolution, prepare …… [Read more]

Nevada betting equipment manufacturer International Game Technology (IGT) was found, the company ended June 30 end of the third quarter, revenue rose 8.7%, reaching $ 579 million, thanks in part to the strength of growing Social betting sector net in …… [Read more]

Molly Bloom line Hollywood stars because of high-risk poker run series of betting establishments and famous. Looking at her close ties with some of the world famous star, is really admirable. But it is this kind of life led to her huge poker betting …… [Read more]

Now the network has spread all over the world, so in the online world for conducting a lottery and betting there was nothing special. In order to expand the impact of online betting and lottery Policy Summit (DGLP) has established a legislative bodie …… [Read more]

Online Poker Serier activities Sky Poker's nearing the end of this Sunday, in just seven days the players won the £ 200,000 prize. After this week's activities essentially take away all of the players within the prize pool money.Before the ev …… [Read more]

Genting Malaysia (GENM, 4715, Board of Trade and service shares) announced the establishment of a casino at Resorts World Bimini included (Resorts World Bimini) in Bahamas (Bahamas) island, in addition, also with the launch of a new ultra high-speed …… [Read more]

Lottery grand prize, the lottery company actually can not afford it? Do not be surprised, it is true. Recently, the "Euro Millions" broke the € 188 million grand prize (about 1.5 billion yuan), by Irish and Belgian Lottery equally, however, …… [Read more]

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