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Stud skills of catch chickens utility value

If the slip is a science, it requires courage, wisdom, because people, because of potential, because points into account, then catch the chicken especially. Catching chickens is another door Stud masters courses, is more advanced technology courses and gained both theory connected with, and tend to slip out of a theoretical framework to examine the overall aim is to win already betting slip countertops points, catch the chicken, the aim is to win points and the opponent gained mesa betting points. catch the chicken used properly, can often achieve a decisive advantage, the psychological pressure on either score or result in the opponent.

This is not to explore in absolute license type (such as their own big three cards, the biggest opponent is a small three) caught under the chicken, but only caught the chicken to explore at a relatively lower utility value card type, give the reader a reference from the value aspect ( rather than the method).

Key factors caught the chicken utility value theory also has two (unlike gained utility value theory), one competitor points gained points with the table multiple relationships, the second is the probability of opponents bluff of them, the second most important point, This usually does not exceed 50% probability. As long as the opponent points, you must carefully consider his or her potential big possibility. If you judge the probability of opponents gained more than 50%, and gained points will not affect the global Obviously you can talk to. Hereinafter will come from the relationship between the number of utility values ​​illustrate this point.

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To facilitate reader understanding, and similarly, we refer to case studies and mathematical models gained utility theory of value will be briefly described.

We do not consider the license type, assuming that the surface of the card to see your big cards, each side of the table under 20W points, you do not add points, opponents plus 20W points, you

Analyzing the other cards by opponents speculate X% probability that bluff, you have two choices, A does not follow; B with.

A solution: do not tell, you lose 20W, that is, the effect is -20W.

Plan B: you and then you have X% probability of winning 40W (20 + 20), of course, you also have (1-X%) of the probability of losing 40W,

Integrated utility value equal -40W * (1-X%) + 40W * X% = 80W * X% -40W.

Let's look at an extreme case, namely the probability of 50% of the cases apparently increase the number of points regardless of the opponent, in this case, the utility value of B programs are zero. A program compared to the utility value of the program to improve the 20W B ʱ??

Summary: If you judge the opponent is a favorite of so-called master gained, then the presumed opponents cards, card type situation and determine the number of points gained will not affect the overall situation of bilateral basis, to bravely caught the chicken that is why there are Many so-called experts would be defeated Stud in the hands of the reason many Reggie turn, although in the foregoing I encourage people Stud too steady timely, adequate to bluff, but do not let the opponents to find out the large ones and you slip habit, so as not to give the opponent an opportunity to exploit the so-called anti-corrosion one meter gained nothing.

To continue, we need to explore the usefulness of boundary catch chicken probability. In the above case, seek boundary probability, that is to find out at 1 times the opponent to pay more points in the case, X% is how much? Very simple, we just solution 80W * X% -40W = -20W, draw X% = 25%. draw this boundary probability of significance is that if you judge the opponent and gained more than 25% probability (75% less probability not slip) and the opponent only 1 double mesa case plus points, grab chicken utility value is increased, you may consider catch chickens.

Go further into it, if in case, plus several times over the opponent's points, grab the chicken utility boundary probability number? Exclude both sides of the chips do not consider, from a purely theoretical point of view, the following relationship :( taking into account the multi-reader for entertainment, computing omitted here, only the conclusion) with a multiple of the representative, the X% = a / (2a + 2), i.e.,

Filling points and multiple points gained mesa boundary probability

1 1/4

2 1/3

3 3/8

4 2/5

5 5/12

6 3/7


You can see that with the increase of multiple boundaries infinite probability gained close to 50%, but never more than 50% should be emphasized that:

First, this relationship does not mean how many times opponents plus points, on behalf of the probability of how much he gained, but rather that, if you judge the probability that he gained more than the corresponding probability value, it will be taken to Plan B Catching chickens raise utility value, you may consider catch chickens.

The second, also important to note that, B program than A program to improve the utility value of catch chickens, not to say that every catch chicken Click law will succeed, but showed a trend, a tendency which is particularly important ʱ??

Third, focus on chicken theoretical difficulty lies in the effect of value: the reality of battle, you is difficult to accurately estimate the probability of the other slip and this requires long-term accumulation of practical experience, as well as from person to person, because of the situation, because grading comprehensive judgment.

Fourth, the theory should not cover more than move, thus the market, at your own risk, profit from the sharing.

That still left thinking questions, if Party A is a? 10kkA, Party B is a? 998j, you are party, when you do not add points and only under a pair of K's case, Party B plus 40W 20W on the basis of the table, you A judge each other possibility is that the bottom 40 percent, you will be with it? This article is a companion utility value gained calculated. say the spear said shield, not to say that caught the chicken is better than trying to slip or slip catch better than chicken , but both have their intended effect in the show, can only benefit those who make the best use, remember remember!

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