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Stud mood to play - leisurely

All Game All pay attention to psychological tactics, like athlete's psychological reaction in the game as if the psychological adjustment properly, athletes vs. open-minded, agile, the game while away from home due to the psychological factors people will fall into a passive.

Stud The game is also true, in addition to luck outside also requires a certain tactics and techniques, Stud games or a psychological battle, who can grab the psychological advantage, he can be more sober, more accurate and faster decisions innings the more opportunities for licensing trade-offs, winning licenses.

Let's look at a wonderful card cases against the two sides are "freshwater" and "night owl" two shuttle hand, watching a dozen innings, freshwater has prevailed, a leisurely gentile, very We can grasp the opportunity to make accurate judgments.

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Brand Example:

Freshwater: ■ 10JJK

Owl: ■ AQKK

As they previously agreed 100,000 will now, when the second sheet to cards, got a night owl K, this time even the cards at the end that is JAQK, and then be able to fight a 10 straight. Freshwater fish to a pair J face, owl hastily added to the bet 800,000, only the last stroke to a K (Cards are one pair K), and large bet result a lost nearly 2 million to freshwater fish.

On the deck, the owl does not come straight fight since, while the family of freshwater fish that calm appearance, it should be noted that on the way home may have two (one pair of J side), in this case a large cast NOTE really owe prudence, it is impatient performance. lose the card is expected to do.

Brand Case 2:

Freshwater: ■ J9JA

Owl: ■ 99QK

This bureau is more thrilling! When second card of freshwater fish is ■ J9J (ie actual cards also J J in the hands of three), owl is ■ 99Q (Q That has been turned over to the two). Probably freshwater fish has caught his opponent's awkward impatience, might think of home just a pair of 9, is more likely to make errors that own only one other pair J, with three J in the case of hands, only 300,000 of freshwater fish Small quotes sent to two students of the owl in the hands of really count, raise one million.

The last one to the card, freshwater fish have been Wynn opponent, freshwater fish but clever little note again lure the enemy deep, offer 300,000, impatient owl finds opponents this time only one pair of J, a lot a lot of additional, Predictably, nearly 10 million Gold fell into the pockets of freshwater fish!

If the owl can calm down, do not raise in the last card, then you will not be so heavy loss.

Lost a lot of night owls this is more impatient, and soon will be proposed to 300,000 now! Only this time leisurely leisurely freshwater still say bye and left.

Freshwater know Casino Impermanence wins generals, not to mention opponents also proposed fare increase, the art of war words, tottering foe Mo chase ah! Probably win freshwater fish is holding the Gold deposit banks went.

From these two cards embodiment, the shuttle from two hand learned a little, whoever is impatient to lose! Because who can not calmly analyze impetuous opponent's cards, most of them will make wrong judgments.

The opportunity to win brand leisurely who will be more, because the calm by more accurate judgment of the opponent's cards, when rival brand wind, to avoid the edge, to minimize the loss! When they have a big, deep not exposed, so the cloth Yi Zhen, to lure the enemy in depth, and then in one fell swoop and annihilate. Nature is extra cash.

Freshwater victory was built on his emotional stability.

So here to remind friends like to play Stud, into the shuttle tables, be sure to let your emotional stability, so leisurely.

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