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Stud games to avoid the strike is true tips

Avoid the strike is true is Stud One of the key winning hand, then Stud How can "avoid the strike is true" it. This is the topic we are discussing today.

First, when the opponent to increase the note when you are with or against?

When the other began filling the hands of cards are generally good, the best Do not talk. Even if your cards are good, it is best covered unless you judge really better than the other cards. Sometimes your opponent at a critical time shuttle cards , so this time we must Mozhun opponent's actual situation if the opponent Hello, fold as early as possible; if the opponent is trying to slip you should seize the opportunity to kill him a ruthless.

In fact, many of the players gambled cards generally have a good time. The more good cards more easily gambled. Junko touch straight, hit straight flush, flush touch gourd, gourd touch 4 so uncommon. Such cards won victory is miserable, too risky. The best way is to forfeit a winning hand, step by step, small victories. Of course, you can hand cards definitely a good time to not be soft. imaginary attack would like gangbusters ʱ??

Second, select the appropriate opponents

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Players must pay attention to the choice of opponents, the best choice of opponent's skills, experience, playing experience and other similar opponent. If the result is often a large gap between obtained also differ significantly. Only the opponent under equal circumstances, by virtue of the past experience, licensing technology will be wonderful to play with and so on.

Third, select a chip similar opponent.

If the chips are many opponents, you'd better not tell him to play in the end. Concentrate to win a few games to go. Do not go is likely to be taken away, just like Bouncing same. After all, the Board can not be determined until the last end in the end who is winning. So the choice of opponent, not only look at people outside, but also the strength.

Fourth, select Game Time.

Choose a good game time is also very necessary. When you have a good spirit that can rival the war hundreds of rounds. I once heard a poker buddies since the spirit of the poor, and give their hard-earned one point chips the cleaners.

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