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Stud master skills - thrilling two-hop

Talk Stud Everyone will think of many movies that exciting duel scenes. In fact, this Game First appeared in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and other places. Played with five cards per person than the size, the largest flush, like fraud Jinhua, the need for technical skill and good luck with a certain courage to invincible in the field.

Stud players from ordinary players to master the process is not smooth, but a bitter experience, constantly sum up and practice the process to become a true master Stud inevitable to experience thrilling two-hop:

First, understand the value and the opportunity to use utility

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Second, psychological Fun

As we all know, there are "high-risk high-yield argument", the same Stud game also exist in the battle. Breathtaking two-hop is that you can finally grasp the extent of benefit depends on the opponent, grasp, you can get huge gains or losses could have been avoided; grasp, then you face a great risk following a brief exposition on these two aspects.

First, understand the value and the opportunity to use utility

Utility value: utility value can be understood as basically with putting Canada, shuttle and other acts of the impact on your score.

However, since you need to "pre-decision" rather than to calculate the "post-decision" and therefore the introduction of probability to calculate, for example: If the Party is 10kkA, B is 998j, you are party, when you do not add points and only Under one pair of K's case, Party B plus in the table on the basis of 20W 40W, you determine the possibility of the other A bottom is 40%, then, if you give up, you lose 20W, namely utility value -20W; if you talk , utility value 60W * 40% + (- 60W * 60%) = - 12W.

Conclusion: Although both scenarios your utility values ​​are negative, but the second scenario, your utility value has increased 8W Obviously, this conclusion will help us make decisions, of course requires a combination of the use of the utility value. the actual situation to be, but it gives us a trend reference tool.

3: brand face cards count now appears too few, themselves and their opponents have much chance.

The concept of utility values ​​tell us, do not easily give up their already lower score when the opponent is obviously big, but under the relatively small fraction, we can tentatively call, maybe you'll come up a pair of rival unimaginable big, thus possible to obtain victory. This is for general guidance Stud players strong.

Second, psychological Fun

Fun psychological aim is to make your opponents mistakenly believe that small cards or cards large, so as to win more points or avoid losing points for good results. Certainly not what brand can achieve this goal. In fact, when You decide to add points or call, you need to own and each other's brand licensing potential potential to make a basic comparison, and then develop your mental strategy. Also to be noted is that sometimes this kind of psychological need with brand strategy type of dramatic changes and make adjustments as you sign face QJ, the other sign face 10J, sent down after the fourth card, you sign face QJ8, while the other card face becomes 10JK.

Use of psychological strategies in several ways, and sometimes you need a coherent use of such cards face has been big, you constantly raise; sometimes you do have a card, after you call others to increase the injection, suddenly add a note or very Small note, after mislead opponents, anti shuttle, of course, are used in various ways according to the opponent's case may be, the way for fierce anti shuttle or female opponent.

Below we cite a number of cases of psychological tactics described as two sides each 100W, 2WBG, after five cards, each party under the table sub-12W, you licensing of non-cis-cis, the other side there is a small sign face pair, plus 10W, illustrate the two or three, and your card face each other in pairs of cards, and process due to much lower points, not to the other party has the right feeling, then you quickly Stud, the other party will not be more than 80% with. This is a more typical use of psychological tactics gained example, in terms of experts, in the slip conditions are ripe, which will have to steal to steal. Generally speaking, the war, you have twice gained success, usually the probability is very high that you will win.

Truly effective way to combine the two well, if you can do it, congratulations! Then you can already included Stud master.

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