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Lisboa Stud one day win ten thousand dollars Senki (below)

I get good luck cards K5 public open 578KK Stud Win opponents (also K) ten thousand. Another take XA Q The board four cards in two, note chapter six thousand, two thousand opponents called me with the last one of my opponents Stud win three seven.

Note chapter six thousand, four I had the opportunity to make a flush 9/46, called for holding three seven two thousand call me the chance to win two thousand to eight thousand and fill with flowers and then the next injection. Opponents if called four thousand I could (and should) give up.

I won a few hands happy overdone take J7 and expanding public card blinds open J8X7X I lose ten thousand two pairs Stud 9T straight to the opponent.

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

Fighting is very intense. There is a big fish good luck big win sixty thousand five hours even this gambled ...... even hit forty hours may control deteriorated. More interesting cards have lost KK AA, Junko lose gourd and so on.

I played eight hours 22,000 won, so I can make money in the hands of at least three vocational Stud Dasheng confidence.

Back to the room after midnight dinner break some scrapping to Lisboa When you start playing the small table big table did little bit lost. On the turn large table like a tiger out of the gate. Take 7 The board took the opening 5689. A Q, opened three community cards Zhang Datong me flowers. a rival suddenly turned Stud win $ 10,000 under a take A T is the same situation well cards open 234 to win 6,000. I almost flush. swatting burst intended to kill me one hour Win sixty-six thousand Hong Kong dollars. I think I'm feeling along tantamount to the call. I call statistical tables found that the average rate of Qi Cheng.

The so-called "call rate" is not open well before the license number of people call normal gamblers call rate averaged four percent Qicheng call rate represents gamblers play very "loose" ...... bad card.

Generally the more loose the more easily winning roulette! No wonder occupation Stud hand are not willing to sleep ...... I am not willing.

Dancing with the devil (bad card call) wear my profit, I gradually won only forty thousand more quickly in accordance with the basic strategy of playing to win 56,000 ...... pull and afternoon twenty-two thousand total just won ten thousand US dollars, hit ten six hours exhausted then call it a day. (

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