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Winner, God of Gamblers favorite play Stud

Stud is the movie Winner, God of Gamblers and his ilk are often heroes who play the game, with five cards of the arrangement and color will be the outcome:

Flush (RoyalFlush) five cards of 10.JQKA, spades was the largest, followed by Hearts box. Plum.

Four (Fourofkind) five have four cards of the same number.

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Gourd (FullHouse) three of the same number, the other two the same number

Flush (Flush) five cards of the same suit.

Junko (Straigh) five cards numbered consecutively, but different colors.

Three (Threeofkind) five have three cards of the same number.

Two pairs (TwoPair) has two pairs of the same number of cards.

One pair (OnePair) a pair.

Five rotten (HighCard) five cards do not take, but still can be compared to the maximum card size.

Foreigners do not love the stud, there is not much casino table, which is the master of playing Stud table in order to win points that must be done..:

First: look at the sign to see what brand it is to see that the sign face, that is what they want there is no draw cards, the chances are not so big, the success rate of the number of table bet much, that is not... The fight.

Second: Man.Why should they do, it is also important to point.Others will say, whoever he is it.According to cut! This is a wrong perception, often we lose at this point, which is going to put his bet after a few can know what kind of person he is! Into negative people, madman.Another is that people do not gamble! Another is to be will be referred to the stability word.Yin people come and steady.The best escape of Yao Yao, unless you combat experience strong.How do you want to say this could not say, bet more than I think you also have your own set of.Madman general is rich old.Money stoned people.To make big money will certainly be cut this man, it would have to do steady word.Also, if necessary, several classic card type out, such as 8 or 9, a pair of open cards with him in the end to him, or else he must leave stuffy gambling.

Third: This is called the bluff psychological look at each other and in terms of their cards face more bad slip, not afraid of death on the disaster hit...!

Fourth: the more stable character behind this is well understood more essence, yet the easiest to kill a law did not tell what cards have no card ?? no big cards on the bottom die are not big..... not with! small to be able to follow 1.2.

Fifth: Some people may ask forbearance forbearance word word word and stability mean it is not about the word tolerance is the last card that maybe someone will talk the last one, and more than eight thousand million children of so what.... better to fight one. someone Cards AA one pair, and you can also keep one pair of cards? Instead of using the minimum possible eight thousand million children fight to get the card is better left to the next game?

VI. Escape character. Some may say that there are escape bet Stud do. We do not misunderstand, not run away. Oh. A lot of people would stalker in a table. It is proposed in a table always lose friends adequate time should change a station of. might be transferred transport.

Many people will say that luck is the most important .. but I want to do as few words. If it is not black extreme words. I do not want to lose failure.

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